Argo Vaquero

Argo Vaquero

884 Argos Vaquero

Base price: $2950 $2500

In Stock: as shown 

Saddle details: Serial #5547

Seat sizes: 34 cm 

Bridge/Gullet:,  W-35, 9cm channel

Billets:   V billet system

Panels: wool

Flap: 2 flaps Seen panels in Averllan (london)

Leather: Black Box Calf 

Stitching and piping: Royal stitched pattern in avellana on the seat, Avellan piping

Vaquero filigree on back of cantle with avellana underlay and avellana stitching, Filigree on front of pommel as well.

Metal: silver conical tacks at the base of the pommel and cantle 

Stirrup bar: English

 Seen panels,: large panels designed to distribute riders' weight over a larger area. Fantastic for long periods of time in the saddle.

The Argos offers more legroom in the flap than the Venus. Very comfortable, Deeper seat, narrower twist.

The saddle is made with the Flexbalance flexible tree,

Crafted with comfort panels for greater horse comfort. The being of the panels in view is insuring that the rider's weight is better distributed on the horse's back. These are particularly back-friendly, even for horses with a curved back or a very short contact surface.



 **HOW TO MEASURE THE SEAT most Spanish/Portuguese/Baroque saddles are measured differently to the standard European method - .the is a straight line measured from inside the center/base of the pommel to inside the center/base of the cantle. A choice of three widths. Made in leather with quilted suede seat, exterior knee rolls, and latex filled panels. Metal stud work on front of pommel and rear of cantle.


Hand-made in Spain by Ludomar, Warranty is 6 years with normal use. all Ludomar saddles come with a saddle cover.

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Shop ZALDi

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  • Project Coordinator
    Love My Saddle!

    Love My Saddle!

    Love My Saddle!

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love love love my saddle! Its beautiful and it turned out better than I ever dreamed! It’s already made such a huge difference for me and for Gus in our riding. It fits him like a glove and he goes so well in it. There is no shifting or sliding around and I feel so secure in it. It’s so nice to not have to feel like I need to keep readjusting the saddle as I’m riding. It’s the absolute best fitting saddle (probably the only saddle that’s ever truly fit) I’ve ever put on him in the seven and a half years I’ve had him. I can’t thank you enough for everything and all the time that you spent helping me and getting this saddle ordered for me! I attached a pic of us from our lesson tonight! Hopefully I can get some better pictures of him in the saddle over the weekend! 



  • Love my New Kent

    Love my New Kent

     I want to say I love my saddle and couldn’t be happier with it after a long struggle, I now have a horse who no longer has a sore back or shoulders.

    I would like to order a  San Jorge bridle.....         Laura Lee Crook

  • Shea Erhart

    Shea Erhart

    1300 Flex Fit..... tried out my new saddle yesterday, it was great! Thought I would send u some pics, it even fit my big gelding who is unfittable in a western saddle, super excited!      Shea Elhart