00179 Drim Lusitanus

00179 Drim Lusitanus


SRP: $5650  (BASE PRICE)

           Portuguese styling on a Drim platform.  All the benefits of the innovated Drim design in a Portuguese saddle. Best of both worlds.

Made by hand by Zaldi artisans in there Spain with 15 points in favor of the rider and the horse.

  1. 1.- NEW PROTECTION ANTIGOLPES: In viscoelastic rubber silicone slow recovery of 4 cm.

    2.- EXTRA-COMFORT SEAT: Made up of 3 layers of rubber, 2 layers "elax" silicone high density and 1 latex.

    3.- ANTI-BREAKS ELASTIC SHELL: New 2.5 centimeters protection, higher in crupton leather and material molded in a way that prevents breakage in the treer in case of hit or fall.

    4.- NEW TWO-DENSITY tree, (with different densities for rider and horse): Double density anatomical tree (rider + horse), made of polypropylene modified with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber) and talc. It allows to combine multiple characteristics of rigidity, deformation and energy absorption in different surfaces. Fruit of the continuous process of R + D + i together with the Foundation for Research and Development in Transport and Energy (CIDAUT). This new tree propitiates a complete adjustment to the back of the horse, together with the development of the double density that benefits horse and rider. Made in its lower part in horse-mode density (1.5 cm thick), it expands the weight of the rider on a wider area of the horse avoiding concrete points of pressure.

    Horse density is used in the lower area of thetree that is in contact with the back of the horse. It is the product of years of studies in measuring the pressure produced under the saddle. Investigation in search of a density that distributes the weight pressure of the rider in a homogeneous way throughout the dorsal musculature of the horse.

    By deconcentrating the pressure on a homogeneous map, we avoid overloading the dorsal muscle mass. We thus favor good condition, eliminating the feared fascial restrictions that these specific pressure points can cause. These could degenerate into mechanical dysfunctions and even pain to our horse.

    Its open structure in the front area and the lateral arms allow a full adaptation to the neck and back area. In the upper part, the design has been optimized and the new density rider mode (0.5 cm thick) has been applied, which is very elastic, absorbs shock and prevents it from reaching the horse. It provides durability and resistance after use. It picks up the pressure of the rider on the contact surface thanks to thousands of points of contact, producing a feeling of weightlessness without pressure points. By distributing the weight on a regular basis we obtain a progressive positive result, the longer the riding time, the more pleasant. The contact area with the rider has been designed in an ergonomic way, elevating the lateral zones that allow the urethral area of the rider to be released from pressure, avoiding subsequent health problems.

    The upper part describes a curvature adapted to the anatomy of the rider, achieving even greater comfort. Soothes your spine by pushing your pelvis forward and placing your back in a correct and comfortable riding position.

    5.- NEW INTELLIGENT PANELS: With design in salvation mode confirmed by a 1 centimeter layer of intelligent latex rubber that acts as a safeguard. Interior with anti-humidity wool padding to prevent caking of the panels.

    6.- STIRRUP BARS EXTRA COMFORT: New inclination of theSTIRRUP BARS to avoid discomfort in the thighs to the rider during the ride.

    7.- SQUARE SKIRT Portuguese style: Its conformation propitiates the adjustment of the rider to an unbeatable riding position.

    8.- REINFORCEMENT ANTI-EFFECT SLIP: Made in crupón, it contributes a greater durability to the saddle.

    9.- DOUBLE SEWING OF BILLETS: Reinforcement of double stitching with waxed thread of maximum resistance.

    10.- FIRST ELASTIC BILLET: Facilitates movements and does not diminish the thoracic capacity of the horse. Release the pressure of the backs. SECOND BILLET IN "V-SYSTEM" that fixes the whole saddle to the horse, avoiding the swing without causing pressure on the backs.

    11.- AIR INTAKE INTO THE INTERNAL KNEE PAD: Line of holes to facilitate the circulation of air in the knee brace and to favor an adjustment to the pressure at all times.

    12.- TM-SYSTEM: see info separately.

    13.- SERIAL ANATOMICAL BASE: With new triangular shape to facilitate the movements of the horse and adjust the position of the rider in the pressure.

    14.- MONOQUARTIER EFFECT: by sewing the skirt to the bottom. A seam of 10 centimeters is made joining the skirt to the base, obtaining a monoquartier effect, to avoid that the skirt moves by the use and the action of the pressure.

    15.- HS SPRENGER LONG STIRRUP BARS 45º: Maximum quality STIRRUP BARS with a 45 degree inclination that prevents the foot from leaving the stirrup. Warranty of the brand SPRENGER.



Measurement Chart: drimm lusitanus    
Seat Weight Flap Panel saddle support area Bottom Flap width
16"/41cm n/a N/A N/A N/A N/A
16.5"/42cm n/a n/a n/a N/S N/A
17"/43cm 8.3kg 41cm 49 44cm 37cm
17.5"/44.5cm 8.4kg 41cm 49cm 44cm 37cm
18"/46cm 8.5kg 41cm 49cm 44cm 37cm
19"/48cm n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
block 20cm high x 8.5cm wide x 9cm projection        
**flap length is measured from the       
stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap      

zaldi saddle option upgrades   


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  • Project Coordinator
    Love My Saddle!

    Love My Saddle!

    Love My Saddle!

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love love love my saddle! Its beautiful and it turned out better than I ever dreamed! It’s already made such a huge difference for me and for Gus in our riding. It fits him like a glove and he goes so well in it. There is no shifting or sliding around and I feel so secure in it. It’s so nice to not have to feel like I need to keep readjusting the saddle as I’m riding. It’s the absolute best fitting saddle (probably the only saddle that’s ever truly fit) I’ve ever put on him in the seven and a half years I’ve had him. I can’t thank you enough for everything and all the time that you spent helping me and getting this saddle ordered for me! I attached a pic of us from our lesson tonight! Hopefully I can get some better pictures of him in the saddle over the weekend! 



  • Love my New Kent

    Love my New Kent

     I want to say I love my saddle and couldn’t be happier with it after a long struggle, I now have a horse who no longer has a sore back or shoulders.

    I would like to order a  San Jorge bridle.....         Laura Lee Crook

  • Shea Erhart

    Shea Erhart

    1300 Flex Fit..... tried out my new saddle yesterday, it was great! Thought I would send u some pics, it even fit my big gelding who is unfittable in a western saddle, super excited!      Shea Elhart