Valencia Spezial Waxed leather

Valencia Spezial Waxed leather

Hidalgo Valencia Special Waxed leather

SRP: $3500.00  SALE $2600

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               1 -Special waxed Spanish leather/ brown/ white stitching 33cm seat


Valencia is our classic Spanish leather tree saddle and definitely one of our bestsellers. 
The Valencia Spezial offers several upgrades.  ThIs model has the upgraded waxed leather gives the saddle an antique look. Optional extra padding and quilted seat add to the elegance of the saddle. With the white accent stitching, emphasizing the details in the quilting an on the inside of the pommel and cantle.  Valencia is the perfect choice for bigger riders and/or those who are using riding boots or chaps (flap length). It offers a very comfortable, balanced seat and an optimal pressure distribution. 
Seat: Standard 33 cm 
Flap from stirrup bar to bottom : 37cm
Flap from seat seam to bottom 48cm
Lenght of saddle 51cm
Panel (contact area) 44cm
V-girthing with long straps 
Detachable knee blocks and panels, height and length after your choice 
Wide surface for better pressure distribution, spanish U-shaped panels 
E-buckle stirrup bars 
No gullet plate, gullet adapts itself 
Perfect also for young horses as saddle can grow with the horse 
Easily adaptable again and again 
Underside total length about 51 cm  / 48 cm – depends on seat size
Normal (about 50 cm flaplength) or Shorty (about 45 cm flaplength) version 
Best italian leather 
Handcrafted in E.U. 
Lower or higher pommel and/or cantle possible 
Many colours and leather combinations 
Spanish rings (front and back) possible  
Shire version with a 36+ cm seat 
Extravagant versions with fancy design: Art, Arc or Style Edition  

Seat Sizes: 33/34cm

SHORTY: 30cm short flap

Plus: seat 35/36cm standard flap
ARC: art style edition 

SPEZIAL MODELS: are fully customizable options, You can choose any seat size, leather type, a color of the seat/flap/knee rolls/seams and fittings. These saddles are available in numerous leather types including suede, plain, Nappa, waxed or smooth and luxurious German Kiger leather.  The Spezial model is strongly advised for horses with very high and long withers with sub-optimal muscle conditions. 


Hidalgo saddle are built on a very strong flexible leather tree, constructed from multiple layers of leather, allowing for a close feel between the horse and rider. The leather tree allows the saddle to move with the horse in a flexible manner.  The panels are adjustable and secured to the bottom of the saddle with very strong velcro.  This allows the adjustment to be made for different backs types. The panels are available in several thicknesses, or custom ordered measurement for the front, center and back to fit your specific horses back.

All Hidalgo saddles come with detachable panel.

                                                               Fitting your Hidalgo Saddle

       *We recommend that you use a Hidalgo saddle fitter or a conventional saddle fitter with a good knowledge of the Hidalgo Saddles if you are not confident fitting your Hidalgo saddle. Please use your complimentary bottle of saddle oil before riding in the saddle, oil frequently especially in the first few weeks of riding in the saddle.

  1. Begin at the back of the saddle. On the horse, feel where the spinal processes end and the muscles begin in order to establish how much space your horse needs between the panels for adequate spinal clearance. The saddle must not touch the spine. The distance between the panels at the back of the saddle is usually 5 fingers or more in width. Use the seams underneath the saddle as a guide to assist you with placing the panels equally on both sides.

    2. Create a subtle bow in the area where the withers end and meet the rest of the back. Check that there is sufficient clearance above the withers as well as freedom in the shoulder area. Do not be alarmed if the saddle sits quite high above the horse initially, the saddle will begin to mould to the horse once it is ridden in.
  2. Check that the saddle is not tipping too far back or forward. Adjust the panels wider or narrower in the front or back as needed. If needed, insert shims into the Grandeur pad pockets in order to help balance the saddle.
  3. It is important that the girth straps hang down straight in the correct girth position. If the horse has a very large shoulder, the panels can be placed further back in order to achieve this. It is important that the panels cover the full area below the rider’s seat. Please note that the Spanish saddles have a V-girth system, it is important that the strap closest to the horse’s tail is tightened a hole or two shorter than the front strap, but not more than this.

    5. It is extremely important that the final balance of the saddle is checked with the rider in the saddle. Make any further adjustments to the saddle and then ride in the saddle for at least 5 minutes to allow the saddle to mould to the horse’s back before re-checking the fit. The saddle takes 20-30 rides to fully mould to the horse’s back. This does not mean that the saddle doesn’t fit during those rides but rather that one will develop a closer feel for the horse’s movement after the initial 20-30 rides.

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  • Europa 2G

    Europa 2G

    Hello! I just wanted to thank you again for this beautiful saddle! Last weekend I showed my girl at the Pinto National show and we won our English Equitation class and placed in the ribbons in our English Pleasure class as well. I cannot rave about this saddle enough! The quality of the leather and craftsmanship is top notch. It is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in. It fits my horse like a glove and just effortlessly seats you in the proper equitation position. Not to mention - it looks pretty dang sexy in the show ring! Thank you again for all your help in designing my saddle - it’s even more than I was hoping for!😊

    Corinne Toronchuk

  • Project Coordinator
    Love My Saddle!

    Love My Saddle!

    Love My Saddle!

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love love love my saddle! Its beautiful and it turned out better than I ever dreamed! It’s already made such a huge difference for me and for Gus in our riding. It fits him like a glove and he goes so well in it. There is no shifting or sliding around and I feel so secure in it. It’s so nice to not have to feel like I need to keep readjusting the saddle as I’m riding. It’s the absolute best fitting saddle (probably the only saddle that’s ever truly fit) I’ve ever put on him in the seven and a half years I’ve had him. I can’t thank you enough for everything and all the time that you spent helping me and getting this saddle ordered for me! I attached a pic of us from our lesson tonight! Hopefully I can get some better pictures of him in the saddle over the weekend! 



  • Love my New Kent

    Love my New Kent

     I want to say I love my saddle and couldn’t be happier with it after a long struggle, I now have a horse who no longer has a sore back or shoulders.

    I would like to order a  San Jorge bridle.....         Laura Lee Crook

  • Shea Erhart

    Shea Erhart

    1300 Flex Fit..... tried out my new saddle yesterday, it was great! Thought I would send u some pics, it even fit my big gelding who is unfittable in a western saddle, super excited!      Shea Elhart